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The problem

While personalization is a proven method to enhance user experience and boost sales, the existing solutions are too expensive for small-medium businesses and too complicated for most enterprises.

The solution

Thanks to the automation of critical processes, twik turns any standard website into a personalized one with a single line of code. For the first time, eCommerce personalization is available for small-medium businesses. ROI is immediate, measurable, and highly positive.

A revolutionary approach enabled by revolutionary technology:

1 min to install.

Via eCommerce marketplace plugins or a single line of code.

No configuration

Twik understands site structures and identifies goals. No need to configure objectives or funnels.

Automated Personalization & Sales Boosters

Twik gives priority to products, categories, and menu items that are most likely to be of interest to the specific customer. There are also Add-to-Cart enhancement, navigation improvements, and more twik-n-play features to boost sales.


We use proprietary fingerprint technology instead of cookies to pinpoint users, providing a more accurate, GDPR-compliant user tracking with broader & richer target audiences.

Zero maintenance

Twik enhances what works and self-corrects when it needs to in an automated manner that doesn’t require data scientists or any human interference.

Enterprise Tools

Enterprise accounts are provided with a fully customizable suite of tools, including advanced targeting, enterprise dashboard, a visual editor, API, business intelligence, auto-link to Google Analytics, and dedicated conversion rate optimization services. Twik increases conversion rates for enterprises in fintech, B2B, publishing, and other verticals.

Proven Results


Uplift in revenue in eCommerce sites

The Team


Roi Sorezki


M +972 54 5802065

Dan Schamir


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Yossi Gadol



Avi Goldfinger

Chief Strategy


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